Design Style in One Picture

Alek from the blog From the Right Bank to the Left Coast created a 'What's Your Style in One Picture' challenge. I love imagining what my house will eventually look like so I thought I'd try it. However, finding one photo to describe my interior design style was much more difficult than I thought it would be.

I know, it looks pretty boring but I love the cozy, welcoming feeling. Plus, I hear blues and browns are very calming, which is definitely what I want in my living room.

My favorite details:
Lots of natural light.
Huge couch- perfect for reading all afternoon.
Mostly solid colors, not distracting patterns.
And the colors- all neutral.
Very casual.
And I love using books as decoration.

I like to think that I can always add a little more flair to other rooms in the house.

{photo via potterybarn}

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