my coffee shop appropriate iPod

i finally wiped my iPod clean and started fresh. it's been a while. i always mean to update it but i think of it at the most inappropriate times, like when i'm in the shower or at work or driving in my car.

but i finally did it. i decided to divide it into two categories: dance/work out music and coffee shop music. the work out music category is pretty boring, basically anything you'd hear on 103.5 Kiss FM now and about 10 years ago. i was most excited to refresh the other category.

i added a few new bands and some old favorites to the coffee shop mix. a few bands i included {and highly recommend}: arctic monkeys, wilco, she & him, the clash, the ramones, death cab for cutie, one republic, better than ezra, postal service, hot hot heat, regina spektor, the decemberists, the fray, the shins, the white stripes, kings of leon, the smiths, iron & wine, madeleine peyroux, band of horses, kimya dawson, augustana, franz ferdinand, sufjan stevens, nick drake, spoon, the strokes, dave matthews band, sun kil moon, eagles of death metal... to name quite a few...

plus, classics like the beatles, bob dylan, rolling stones, bruce springsteen and many more...

i'm really excited to hit the coffee shop now.

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