a new friend. and bonding over a love of great literature, an obsession with random trivia and a semi-secret Trekkie connection. 4 points.

my favorite baristas for giving me free coffee to go when i needed just a bit more caffeine. life savers. 2 points.

a group of lady friends at a coffee shop for lattes and gossip. i love to see friends keep those traditions alive. it gives me hope for my group of friends twenty years from now. 5 points.

my friend for bringing me orange juice when i was sick. so sweet. 3 points.

my boss for letting me go home early in the middle of a blizzard. my poor car appreciated it. 2 points.

the guy in Northwestern's Information Technology department who made several Star Trek references in one conversation about my email. 10 points.

{image via makingitlovely}

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