Woody Allen fan?

I would consider myself a Woody Allen fan, but I've only seen three of his films {
Annie Hall, Match Point and Scoop}. So calling myself an Allen fan is like calling yourself a Yankees fan because you've heard of Derek Jeter. To fix this, I am going to watch what are considered by many to be Allen's top films.

I couldn't find an "official" top ten list of his movies, so I compiled one from the many lists I read. It appears that most people agree with the top ten, if not the order those are in. So rather than organize a list of movies that I haven't seen, I will simply watch them all in no particular order. The movies: Annie Hall, Manhattan, Hannah and Her Sisters, Radio Days, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Husbands and Wives, Crimes and Misdemeanors, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Sleeper and Love and Death.

I have already added these to my NetFlix and should receive at least two sometime this week. And sometime this month, I hope to finish all ten. {Or at least most considering the month is half gone. And it's February, so it's shorter.} I'll let you know if I can truly call myself a Woody Allen fan after I finish these movies.

{p.s. I absolutely hate the Yankees.}

{still shot from Annie Hall}

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  1. I really enjoyed Match Point. I'm not a Woody Allen fan, but he makes some great movies. Some of his movies though really miss the mark with me.


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