Vino 100

My friends and I went to this cute little wine bar and shop in Milwaukee the other night. It was amazing. It's in the Village area of Wauwatosa {the village is really cute too. full of little shops and restaurants. it would be a great place to relax in the summer}. At Vino 100 you can either buy a bottle of wine to take home or buy a glass or bottle to enjoy there. The night we went they had a little jazz band playing, which created the perfect atmosphere. Since there was a pretty big group of us, we ordered a few bottles of wine to share. The white wine, New Age, was actually good, a little sweet and bubbly like champagne, but tasty and I'm not usually a fan of white wine. I also really liked the red wine, Bistro. I wish I knew I'd like it so much, I would have bought a bottle. {I'll have to keep an eye out for that from now on.}

It was a charming place. I'll have to head there again soon.

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