Thursday nights

My Thursday nights have become consumed by random facts, fierce competition, friends and beer. In other words: trivia night.

What started as a fun night out by many has transformed into dedication by few. There's about eight of us that show up at the Boathouse every Thursday night ready to search our brains for random and obscure things we learned years ago. I love it. The best part of the game is when someone has a funny story as to why he knows the answer or, better yet, has no idea how he knows the answer. It's actually surprising what you don't realize you know.

A few questions from tonight's game: {a few we knew and a few we didn't}

1. What fast food chain used the slogan 'Where's the Beef?'

2. What were the professions of Cliff and Clair Huxtable?
Doctor and lawyer

3. What two things were burned in the late 1960s and early 1970s as left-wing protest?
Draft cards and bras

4. In what state was the Beatles' last performance in 1966?
California at Candlestick Park

5. What two fruits are grown the most around the world?
Grapes and Bananas

6. What are the names of Paul and Linda's 3 children?
Mary, James and Stella

7. Who was the one athlete to receive the MVP 9 times in the 1980s?
Wayne Gretzky

8. Who was Johnny Carson's last guest on The Tonight Show and who was Jay Leno's first guest?
Bette Midler
Billy Crystal

9. On average, how many peas are in a pod?
7-9 peas

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