Fight For Air

On Saturday, four of my friends participated in the
American Lung Association's Fight For Air stair climb. Participants climbed the 97 flights {1,034 steps} of the U.S. Bank Center building in downtown Milwaukee, the tallest building in Wisconsin.

Unbelievably, they all survived. To be completely honest, they rocked. The fastest climber last year finished in 5 minutes, 39 seconds while the fastest of my friends finished in 10 minutes, 9 seconds. Very impressive. They were a bit sore and tired- and couldn't stop coughing for a while after- but all extremely happy they completed such a challenge.

Some people apparently didn't think that one thousand stairs was enough of a challenge and decided to spice it up a bit more. I saw many, many people race up the stairs two or more times as well as dozens of firefighters competing in full gear for the fast time. {Unbelievably, I think most completed it way under ten minutes too.}

Why in the world would someone ever do that, you ask. Well, each participant raised over $100 for lung cancer research. {A cause close to a few of us.} I'm not sure what the donations totaled, but there were over 1,300 climbers so I can imagine that it was fairly large.

A very loud congratulations goes out to everyone who braved that staircase on Saturday!

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