happy monday

Luckily, my normal 'case of the Mondays' isn't as bad today as it usually is. I think it's because I had such a great weekend and have another to look forward to in just a few short days.

I spent Saturday afternoon in Chicago with friends {Sam flew in from Denver for the weekend}. We ate lunch at an amazing Indian buffet, which was perfect because I'm on a crazy Indian food kick lately. {I've been averaging twice a week.} After lunch, we met some other friends for coffee at Metropolis on Granville in Edgewater. I heard many great things about the shop and I'm so happy it lived up to expectations. I had such a lovely time talking with friends that I don't get a chance to see often, I loved it. I was also able to squeeze in a little shopping on Michigan Ave and at Water Tower Place mall before heading home.

Actually, I didn't go home. I went straight to downtown Milwaukee on Water St. to celebrate another friend's birthday. We went to Bootleggers {where I swear I saw Mario Batali of Iron Chef America fame} and then caught a show at Comedy Sportz. It was a fun but very crazy day.

Sunday afternoon, my sister and brother-in-law had a going away get together with lots of family and friends. Then, movies and Big Star {!!!}, which took about an hour to get because of the craziness of opening weekend.

Great, GREAT weekend! Hope yours was fabulous too!

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