I Heart My Big Family

I have a big family. A very big family. I love it.

On my mom's side, I have 9 aunts and uncles and 11 cousins; on my dad's side, I have one uncle; on my stepdad's side, I have 15 aunts and uncles and 23 cousins; and I'm pretty close with all of my parents' cousins and their kids. Like I said, LARGE family.

I think having a big family is great, I always had someone to play with growing up. Some of my best memories are of playing kickball or hanging out at family parties. I grew up with some of my cousins as my best friends, and some still are.

The only bad part about a big family is how hard it can be to keep up with everyone, especially since I have family on both coasts and everywhere in between. But I'd rather spend hours on the phone and sending emails than have a small family.

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