Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I went to a baseball game Friday night with friends. While I’m not a fan of either team, I still had a great time. It’s a baseball game, how could you not have a great time?! I think baseball has to be one of the best parts of summer. Nothing else matters when you’re at a baseball game.

I am a huge Cubs fan, but unfortunately, Cubs tickets can be hard to come by now-a-days, so I often find myself at Miller Park watching the Brewers play. (On great days, I get to see them play the Cubs, too.) I really like Miller Park, it is definitely fan friendly. I’ve watched games from almost every section of the stadium and I can honestly say there isn’t a bad seat in the place.

But the best part about Miller Park- hands down- is the expansive parking lot filled with smoking grills, flying bean bags, food-covered folding tables, packed coolers and baseball fans having a good time.

We didn’t get to tailgate at U.S. Cellular on Friday night; I don’t think it’s really that kind of a park, too bad for Sox fans. I know tailgating isn’t the most important part of the game, but it’s fun.

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  1. Good shots! The one of Pierzynski looks really close, considering were were on the upper deck.


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