Stuck in the Middle

I just read a blog post on the Glamour site: "Did You Ever Wonder If Your Parents Had a Secret Favorite?" It made me think. Overall, my parents did a great job making my two sisters and I just as loved as the other ones.

But growing up, I think my sisters (one older, one younger) got more attention than I did. I blame the fact that I was always the responsible, quiet one that always did well in school and never got in trouble.

I'm glad that I am more independent than my sisters but it's sad that it seemed like I had to get in trouble to get more attention. Birth order is supposed to say a lot about the person you are. My old roommate wrote a report in college on birth order and the middle of three girls is supposed to be the hardest.

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  1. My siblings always say I'm the favorite, but I think it's ridiculous. My middle siblings were always louder and more attention grabbing.


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