Thumbs Up for Movies

I really appreciate when friends offer their opinions on movies I'm thinking of seeing. While I find most of Robert Ebert's reviews entertaining, I usually don't agree with parts... or the entire review.

I trust the opinions of my friends more. So I thought I’d pass on my opinion on a few movies I’ve seen recently. Here’s my thumbs up/thumbs down:

The Hangover: Thumbs Up.

Hilarious, though I'll probably never watch it again, it's a little too ridiculous for me.

The Proposal: Thumbs Up.

It revolves around several clich├ęs, but is funny and entertaining nonetheless. Plus, I'm a big fan of Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, they both have amazing comedic timing.

It's definitely not as funny or entertaining as the first one, but I still think it was cute. I wish Owen Wilson had a bigger part in this movie, his character is hilarious.

Star Trek: Thumbs WAY Up.

This is a very well-made movie. I was worried that a new sci-fi movie would overdo the special effects and ignore the storyline, but they found the right balance. After watching the original movies and television show, I've noticed how remarkably similar the new cast is to the original. I'm impressed.

Maybe I'm too easy on the reviews, or maybe I just lucked out on my movie choices lately.

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