It's official, New York

In case you didn't hear, a little over a week ago lawmakers in New York passed a marriage bill allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry. July 24th, 2011 is a day to remember in the fight for equal marriage rights. On that day, 33 lawmakers in New York turned the tide in gay marriage and, I hope, gave the gay rights movement new momentum on the path to equality.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised by Republican Senator Mark Grisanti's, a long-time opponent of same-sex marriage, comment: “I apologize for those who feel offended... I cannot deny a person, a human being, a taxpayer, a worker, the people of my district and across this state, the State of New York, and those people who make this the great state that it is the same rights that I have with my wife.” While it is not a ringing endorsement, it's enough.

I’m so happy for everyone in New York who had been previously unfairly denied the right to marriage, but now can.

{Also, did you check out the Lookbook photos of gay marriages in New York. Fashionable and beautiful.}

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