kopps frozen custard

If you ever find yourself in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, forget Summerfest, the world's largest music festival; forget the art museum, an impressive expanse of creative expression; ignore the beautiful lakefront beaches or tailgating parties at Miller Park... the one place you should find yourself is at Kopps Frozen Custard. A Milwaukee landmark {there are two}, Kopps serves the most delicious fast-food burgers, only rivaled by In-and-Out Burger, and deliciously divine frozen custard. The have a different and interesting flavor every day, but I personally believe that when you find perfection, why try anything else? And so I order vanilla every time.

I once heard a rumor that you can order Kopps custard to be shipped to your door if you live too far away to visit. {Or maybe that was just a hope of someone who lives a bit too far away.} Either way, I definitely have to look into that rumor if I ever move far enough away that frequent visits are not possible. {My Dad has already promised that if I ever move to one of the coasts, he will ship me my favorite Wisconsin micro-brews, so I have that covered.}

Anyway, I highly recommend stopping at Kopps if you make a trip to Milwaukee, which you should, just for the custard.

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