Vintage shopping

While I wouldn't call myself a techie, I have a great appreciation for technology- computer programs, iPhone apps and such. But. I sometimes wish I lived in simpler times. Sometimes instant access to information and people is a bit overwhelming and I'd like to hide away from it all- maybe in a little bunker from the 1950s with a book, pad of notepaper and stamps and an AM radio.

Maybe it's because of this overwhelmed feeling that I'm a huge fan of vintage artifacts, especially clothing, design and paper creations. {I guess this combination between new and old could create an odd home decor statement.}

This past weekend I checked out a few of my favorite vintage shops in the Bucktown and Wicker Park neighborhoods of Chicago. I found a lot of cute things but ended up walking away with only a few homemade paper projects. I was tempted to buy a few Fisher Price toys from the 1980s though, just for nostalgia's sake. I may have to go back for those. And a bunch more, especially the clothes that I loved but didn't feel like trying on for size.

It's always an interesting time shopping at vintage stores... you never know what you're going to find!

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