At Least I Had Coffee

A wicked blizzard was supposed to hit Chicago last night and force Northwestern to cancel classes today. Nothing but snow flurries, classes were still on. UGH.

After an hour on the "L", I got off and headed to class. I was already in a better mood. (Probably because I spent the entire ride reading about that fascinating creature Edward Cullen.) However, that didn't last long. About half a block from my building, my computer bag broke, forcing me to carry everything under my right arm.

I had coffee in my other hand.

Now this was not a cheap, flimsy bag by any means. I destroyed it by cramming too much stuff it in, which I suppose will happen from time to time as journalists become "one-man-bands" and I continue carrying everything I own around the city of Chicago.

So I decided take out whatever was not absolutely necessary before transferring it to another bag. I removed two CDs. They were obviously the cause of my broken bag.

What did I leave? My laptop, a digital camera, a voice recorder, my cell phone, an iPod nano, a flash drive, two small notebooks, a reading packet for class, a handful of pens, two highlighters, a nalgene bottle, my wallet with assorted cards, four different flavored lip gloss, a granola bar, medicine, a packet of gum, assorted jewelry, a pair of gloves and a pin that reads “What if the Hokey Pokey is what it’s all about?"

Sadly, this is less than I usually carry.

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