Dream Wedding

So my best friend has been talking about her wedding for a little bit now. It's pretty much all planned out as far as location, timing, colors and all of those other small details that don't really mean a whole lot until her boyfriend actually proposes. But after talking with her and other friends about their plans for weddings, I started thinking about my ideal wedding. (Trust me, this is the first time I started thinking about it. I definitely was not that 5-year-old girl who played dress up holding a bouquet of toilet paper flowers and arranged a stuffed animal audience.)

I decided that my perfect wedding would have a little 1940s style. I love, love, LOVE old black and white movies. I remember watching Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart when I was a kid and just falling in love with them and their style. (Why can't men be like that anymore?) I think it would be perfect to dress like they did in the 40s, and have wedding pictures taken in black and white. But I suppose we'll see what happens...

I found an example of a wedding that included a little 1940s style without going overboard. I love the veil.

{Photo by Ben Chrisman}

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  1. I just happened to find your blog and thought you might like to see a photo of my daughter's wedding. Although it was not a 40s style, they did have the ceremony on a high school stage with very little "scenery"--just an arbor built by her dad, 2 ferns borrowed from a friend and silk rose petals on the floor. It looked great in black and white: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/142/359442623_ef24ca3980.jpg?v=0


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