I Heart Edward Cullen

If Disney movies didn’t already do it, Edward Cullen did.

Stephenie Meyer wrote Edward Cullen, a vampire, as a romantic, charismatic, magnetic character that you can’t help but love- but can’t find in real-life.

The film industry- and others for that matter- has created generations of women with unrealistic expectations for ideal relationships, romantic gestures and perfect men. Dinner and a movie is no longer enough, women want eternity - and if that could happen after a week or two together with no complications and a guarantee of a happily ever after: perfect.

No real-life, human boy will ever reach women’s ideal expectations and they are then forced to settle for a commoner rather than their dashing Prince Charming.

Even so, it is because of these “happily-ever-after” tales that we still hope to find our prince because- after all- dreams do come true.

(There’s so much more to say about this, I could go on about it forever.)

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  1. You really love Edward Cullen. Except you have to compete for him with about 2 million other girls from tweens to 40-somethings. Oh, and he doesn't exist.


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