The Hallmark Nightmare

I'm beginning to hate Hallmark stores. Not because I waste an hour every time I walk in or because the overly happy woman working behind the counter never understands that I just want to buy a card and not chit chat for ten minutes.

I hate them because of the depressing feeling that sinks in every time I ring that annoying little bell on the door. Last time I was in a Hallmark store, I bought three wedding cards, an engagement card, a congrats on med school card and an it's a girl card.

Most of my friends from college are either: 1. Married, 2. Married and expecting a baby, 3. Engaged, 4. In a long-term relationship (in which an eventual marriage has been agreed upon), or 5. In a relationship.

I know I'm still young and have a lot of time to find someone and figure everything out, but they're young too! Sometimes it just makes me sad.

Ok, time to mail the "Congrats on the Engagement" card... and then watch some cheesy romantic comedy to cheer me up.

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