Strawberry Memories

My aunt was an amazing chef, you could give her ketchup and crackers and she would make a delicious meal out of it. Her big cooking rule, though, was that everything tastes better fresh. She had a huge garden in her backyard, but what she didn't grow at home, my mom, sisters and I would pick at a farm with her.

We used to pick apples, grapes, pears, tomatoes, asparagus, rhubarb and many other vegetables at farms together.

My sisters' and my favorite farm was a little strawberry patch in the county. We would make a whole day trip out to the patch. My sister and I had a little competitions to see who could pick the most berries, while sneaking a few also.

So when my friends asked me to go pick strawberries today, I didn't hesitate, of course I would.

It was so much fun walking around and reliving childhood memories.

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