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This weekend I am heading back up to my old college town, Madison, Wisc. I've missed this town since I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2007. Since I will only be there overnight, and leaving really early in the morning, I'm going to try to fit in as much of my Madison favorites as I can.

First, I will start the day with a cup of coffee and cinnamon roll at the Capitol Square farmer's market. I used to go there every Saturday morning as an undergrad to get my fresh vegetables and the best spicy cheesy bread ever from Stella's Bakery.

Then, I plan to grab lunch at my favorite restaurant ever: Mediterranean Cafe on State Street. I've missed out on the Med Cafe the last few times I was in Madison for football and hockey games because they're only open for lunch. This time, I will make it. My friends and I used to have a standing date for lunch there every Wednesday. It's amazing, especially the hummus.

Next, if it's a beautiful day, I'm going to meet a few friends a the Union Terrace for a pitcher of Spotted Cow {my favorite Wisconsin beer} and conversation. I miss our nights at the Terrace. We used to go there all the time during the spring and summer to relax and take a break from our heavy course loads. My favorite nights were the Monday movie nights.

The next morning, I hope to convince a few friends to grab a quick breakfast at Mickies Dairy Bar by Camp Randall. We used to stand outside for over an hour waiting to get a seat in the tiny cafe. The banana nut pancakes were totally worth it. {Or, as seen on ESPN, the garbage plate also.}

Something new I plan to do... I'm going with my friends to see the Madison Mallards play on Saturday. We're going to watch the game in the 'Duck Blind' where all-you-can-eat brats and beer are served. Baseball, brats and micro-brew beer? Heaven?

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