Mallards Duck Blind

We celebrated one of my good friends' birthday this weekend at a Madison Mallards baseball game. We {semi-}watched the game from a picnic table in the Duck Blind. In the Duck Blind, you can watch the baseball game while enjoying all-you-can-eat brats, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, cheeseburgers and fries and all-you-can-drink beer and pop. Delicious!

This was my first Mallards game and I absolutely loved it! It was just baseball should be... all about the game and having a good time with friends. I can't wait to go back again. Maybe the next time I'll watch a little more of the game too.

The birthday boy was very excited to be celebrating at a Mallards game!

The best part of the night: the good beer. A few of my favorites at the Duck Blind... Goose Island 312, New Belgium Somersault, Magic Hat No. 9, Great Dane Mallards Cream Ale, Great Dane Old Glory and Great Dane Crop Circle Wheat {my favorite}. The Great Dane brews some fantastic beer. If you're ever in Madison, Wisc., you should stop in for a drink.

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