a little more golf

I hit the links this afternoon with a friend and shot my best game of golf yet! I won't share the score because it's still not impressive, but it does show that all of my practice and hard work is paying off. I felt much more at ease today because my friend and I are both still working out the kinks in our game and not competitive at all. Typically when I golf, I end up on a cart with an excellent golfer and I always feel intimidated and nervous. It was nice to have a relaxing, laid-back day on the course for once. I'm really excited to get out again on Sunday. I hope I can hold on to a bit of my confidence then since I will, once again, be surrounded by good golfers.

It also helps my stroke count that I learned everything I know about golf from my Dad, including how his and his friends' imaginary friend Wally golfs. Wally wouldn't hit a ball from behind a tree; he'd kick it a foot or two out. Wally wouldn't take another stroke for accidentally tapping the ball before you meant to hit it. Wally wouldn't hit a ball that lies on tree roots; he'd be worried that it would hurt his club. Wally would kick the ball off the roots. Wally wouldn't count another stroke for a lost ball; he'd be pissed he lost one. Sometimes Wally's rules really help my score.

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