Little bit of country

I don’t own cowboy boots or plaid. I don’t consider Alan Jackson to be one of the greatest artists of our time. I’m not from the South. But from time to time, I do enjoy a little country music. It’s a nice change from my typical classic and Indie rock tunes.

Last night, my friends and I went to a {surprise and free!} Tim McGraw concert at the Marcus Amphitheater on the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee. I had listened to Tim McGraw a lot during a country-streak in my college years, but not so much lately, but I was still excited for the experience. To me, Tim always seemed like a big-kid during interviews and such. His personality definitely came out. He seemed to really enjoy himself onstage, signing autographs and giving high-fives, making the concert more enjoyable for everyone else. He sang a few of my old time favorites at the beginning: “Where the green grass grows,” “BBQ stain” and “Back when.” But most of his show was newer songs, most of which I didn’t know, unfortunately. At one point, we were all worried when he waved by and left stage, but he quickly came back out to sing “Live like you were dying.” The only downfall of the concert, besides the rainfall: he didn’t sing “Don’t take the girl,” a personal favorite of mine. But overall, it was a really fun concert and I’m glad we could make it.

So basically, what I’m saying is I need to pick up a cowboy hat and a few new Tim McGraw albums.

{image via indyconcerts}

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