A day with Carson and Adelyn

My cousin and her husband joined the thousands of faithful Parrot Heads at the Jimmy Buffett {party/} concert on Saturday. That means, I got to spend the day their beautiful, amazing kids. Carson is a typical 3 year old boy in love with sports who could spend every waking hour running around outside. Needless to say, by 8pm I was just as close to crashing as he was. Adelyn is an adorable, sweet 1-year-old with a beautiful smile.

We began our day playing outside in the sprinkler, then headed into the backyard to play on the swing set for a while, went inside to finish a {huge} puzzle, then we drove downtown for the afternoon {stopping at a coffee shop so I had the energy to keep up with Carson}, played at the park by the marina, stopped at a ice cream shop for a treat, made dinner at home, finished another puzzle, watched a little TV and finally fell asleep. Whew. It was a busy day. But oh so much fun!

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