amazing opportunities on craigslist

i have a friend from college that we used to make fun of all the time because he was constantly searching craigslist.org. {well, we made fun of him for other things too. one time, at a friend's wedding, he was nervous that the good beer was going to run out so he collected every pitcher, wine glass and coffee mug he could find to fill with spotted cow. our table was covered with dozens of cups of beer, just in case. funny twist: they had a second keg in back}

but back to craigslist, this guy was crazy about it. he would peruse the local sites for hours, for everything. once, we had to wait at his house to exchange a canoe for a hunting rifle from someone he met on the site. {not sure how legal that one was.}

he has a job starting in the fall as an accountant so, in the meantime, he needed a job. where did he look? craigslist. and you know what he's doing? sailing the greek islands with a turkish family. what a fantastic summer! {but it's zach, he's had a lot of those. one summer, he sailed from miami to boston, alone. another summer, he sailed with the kennedys.} i'm so jealous.

{image via anatoliansky}

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