navigation challenge

you know when you're on vacation in a new city and you don't know your way around and you're nervous you're going to get lost in a bad neighborhood because you have no idea where you're going? i love that.

it's actually my favorite part of any trip {beside time at the airport, which i know is weird but i enjoy}. i really love exploring new cities and enjoy the challenge of finding my way around, especially without gps security. i think it's the only way to really experience a new city. i have a friend that likes to make itineraries for every trip she goes on, but then i think she misses so much character of the city that she can't find on google.

my friend and i drove to the twin cities with no more navigation than "take I-94." the cities were a little confusing at first, but after one weekend, we figured out how to get quite a few places. {there was only one minor mishap. that's bound to happen on any trip though.} it's actually not a difficult area to learn, but we're still proud that we did.

we did the same thing on the subways in new york and boston. it was fantastic. now that we know the are a little better, we have to go back. my friend and i are also talking about taking a trip to san fransisco. i think that may be a little more difficult to navigate though. but i enjoy a good challenge.

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