important life skills

i learned how to drive stick shift last weekend. {yes, that is said with a ridiculous amount of excitement. i am very proud.} i think it's one of those life skills that everyone should learn at some point, like changing a tire, which i can also do. you never know when those skills will come in handy.

my friends and i were recently talking about this more. so, other necessary life skills {that i may or may not have mastered yet}:

pitch a tent
mow the lawn
read a map
build a fire
make good coffee {yes, it is that important}
balance a checkbook
check the car's oil
cook from scratch
know how to perform CPR
sew or hem, at least
do laundry {i know people who still cannot do this}
iron clothes
replace light bulbs
change a diaper
parallel park
select good produce
basic computer skills
jump start a car
unclogging a sink
use power tools

there are a ton more too but these are just a few i could think of off the top of my head. {wow, so most of these involve cars. hmm.} looks like i have a lot to learn.

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