a day with the animals

my friends and i are planning a zoo trip soon and i couldn't be happier. i absolutely love the zoo. when i was young, my parents would buy family zoo pass every year to the milwaukee zoo.

we loved spending the day with the animals. we always fought over which animals to see first, though that never mattered because my mom always had a planned route. we would take turns pushing each other in a cart but as soon as we hit the hills, my sisters and i would all jump in and let my dad push {downhill was always the best}. when we got hungry, we'd unpack the amazing lunch my mom made. but for desert my dad always bought us our favorite ice cream treats. i loved sitting by the pond, feeding popcorn to the ducks, always for over an hour {a long time for tykes}. we loved watching the little ducks fight swans for a kernel.

we always stayed a little longer at the favorite exhibits: penguins for my mom, fish for my dad, monkeys for my older sister, tigers for my younger sister and giraffes for me.

dilemma: should i buy a zoo pass for this year? hmm...

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