happy friday

the weekend is finally here. thank god.

it took so long i wasn't sure i was going to make it. so now it's time to relax, enjoy the break, sleep in... oh wait, i have to wake up at 4am tomorrow. {so much for sleeping in.} my friends and i are meeting a little after 5am to drive to minnesota for a baseball game {against the brewers}, though we also plan on soaking in all things minnesota. i'm thinking maybe a trip to the mall of america, the zoo, canterbury park race track or maybe a cute restaurant features on diners, drive-ins and dives. i suppose we'll figure that out when we get to it. i'm just hoping for beautiful weather since the twins finally have a real outdoor baseball diamond and not a dome.

tonight, i'm going to try to go to bed early and get a few hours of sleep in before the trip.

happy weekend to all!

{image via weheartit}

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