funny story.

well, now it is. at the time, it was completely terrifying.

about two months ago, i met my good friend sam and her newborn daughter {11 days old to be exact} at her house. we were going to meet friends for brunch and decided to carpool since i didn't know that area of town very well. after sam buckled in her daughter, she remembered that she left the diaper bag inside so i offered to sit with karina in the car rather than bringing her back inside.

i climbed in the front seat and got a strange feeling that we were moving. it wasn't much at first so i thought i was imagining it, but after a second it was clear that we were in fact rolling backward. surprised and scared, i jumped into the driver seat {how i did that so easily in such a small car is unbelievable} and repeatedly stepped on the brakes. nothing. it didn't even slow down a bit and by now we had moved at least ten feet. i thought about putting the car in drive and going forward but after glancing at the stick shift gears, i realized that wasn't an option. i never learned to drive stick shift. i thought about pulling karina's car seat out but i had no idea how to unlock it from the carrier. i also thought about unbuckling her and taking her out of the seat.

but then the car stopped moving and jerked forward a bit. it had hit my car, which was in the fully parked position, and came to a stop. thank god i parked directly behind sam's car because a few more feet and we would have ended up in the ditch.

after i realized we finally stopped, i called sam to describe the terrifying drama that just occurred. i'm sure it went something like, "i just got in a car accident with your newborn!" that's a story to tell karina when she grows up.

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