mini-sota road trip

You know how when you’re really excited for the weekend the days just drag on and on. That’s this week.

This weekend, a few friends and I are jumping in a car and heading up to Minneapolis for a baseball game. I’m really excited for the game, but also for the road trip. I’ve been on a few road trips {to South Padre Island, New Orleans, Memphis, Tuscon and New York} and have loved them all! There’s just something about squeezing into a car with five friends that makes the trip. I know to most people, this probably doesn’t sound like a great day. Who would like to be smushed in the backseat of a Ford when you could just fly and make it to your destination in a quarter of the time? ME.

While this is just a mini road trip, we’re still following THE LIST {necessities for the perfect road trip}:

  • iPod playlists or CDs {mostly fast, pump you up music}
  • A loose itinerary {my friend Alyssa was always the best at this}
  • Snacks and lots of drinks {in our case, mostly coffee}
  • Nice weather so you can roll down the windows
  • Good GPS or someone who knows how to read a map {if those people still exist}
  • A roomy car {though not totally necessary}
  • Good pillows
  • A driving buddy to help you stay awake during that 3am shift {or again, more coffee}
  • AND, most importantly, a few good friends :)


{photo via weheartit}

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