I Love Tailgating

I love sports. I love baseball. I love tailgating.
They go well together.

I'm not one of those fans that is more interested in talking with friends, taking pictures and completely ignoring the game. I think I can juggle all three well.

There's nothing better than enjoying a brat and beer on a Sunday afternoon before taking in a baseball game. I would watch every game from uncomfortable wooden benches with a splinter in my butt if I could tailgate before them.

On Friday, about 20 friends and I are getting together a couple hours before the Brewers game at miller Park. I'm so excited for the brats, beers, games and shenanigans!

And while I am a Cubs fan, I will admit that there is no place better to tailgate for baseball than Miller Park. But I should probably test this theory more. Road trip?

{image via flickr}

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