little notes

dear matt. thank you for organizing a tailgate for sixty plus friends. your organization and effort ensured a great night for everyone. we all owe you.

dear friends. i'm glad i could make your night by wearing a brewers ball cap. just don't get used to it, i'm still a cubs fan.

dear madison. years after graduating and moving away, thank you for still making me feel at home. i cherish every moment i spent with you and miss you dearly.

dear spring. thank you for making another appearance. i was beginning to miss you. please stay longer this time. and bring your buddy, summer.

dear prof. downs. i was just reading through my old notes from college and want to thank you for being such an amazing professor. i never laughed so hard or learned as much as i did in your class. and it was probably one of the most difficult classes i’ve ever taken: first amendment law.

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