twins at target field

i knew i would love target field before i even walked through the gates. i could already see the field. it's truly the most amazing ballpark i've been to {but i've only been to about six so take that as you will}. the park was so open, i loved it. it's just a shame that they've already had to cancel a game for rain. i guess they should have built a roof, but then again, that would ruin the charm of the place. baseball is truly meant to be played outside. also, i don't care if you sat directly behind home plate or thirty rows up in left field, there are no bad seats. sure you're far away, but it's a great view. and the jumbo tron, woah, jumbo.

another observation: if you want to hear some nasty trash talking among fans, don't go to a twins/brewers game. from what i could see, all fans were incredibly friendly. everyone who worked there was also. i must have had a five minute conversation with a lady at the hot dog stand about the park and that was when i was fully decked out in brewers gear. i guesswisconsinites and minnesotans are just nice.

it would have been nicer if the brewers won though.

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